More Great Mixes From LA's John Do & His Mighty Basic Promotions

As I've told you in previous posts, one of the only things that I miss about Los Angeles is the absolutely rich and fertile dance music scene. And a huge part of that is the magic music and gatherings of Basic Promotions. Those of you in LA already know who I'm talking about, and those on your way to LA need to find them. With a little history and a fat handful of great mixes, here's one of the masterminds of Basic, John Do:

A Brief History On Basic:

As you may know, we’re about to celebrate 4 years of Basic this Friday, December 2, 2005. If you’re planning to go, then thank you in advance for joining us for our 4-Year Anniversary party. If you’ve already been to Basic, then we’re glad to have you back and appreciate your continued support – without you, Basic wouldn’t be what it is. And if this is going to be your first time, then welcome and please let me give you a brief background on this party that we call “Basic”.

Spawned four years ago by 3 Los Angeles DJs (Justin Gourley, Larry Kahm and me) and later joined by Adam Hagen, briefly by Hoang Luu, and most recently by Chris Lum -Basic was and is still based on three very simple principles: quality talent, quality atmosphere and quality sound. If a party was based on only one of these principles, it’s questionable if it would turn out well, but when you focus on all
three, then there’s a very good chance that it’s going to be a fun night. We know, cause we’ve had 4 years worth of fun, crazy, and sometimes insanely wild nights.

Yes, 4 years of crazy nights where we’ve had the chance to meet and hear some of the most diverse, and some would say some of the world’s best DJs. Names such as (in order of appearance): Sean Cusick, Medway, Steve Porter, Alex Whalen, Josh Abrams, Hipp-e, Adam Tuzzolino, Michael Scot, Daniel Djang, Justin Sloe, Jeff Dahlin (DnB Represent), Dano, Architects of Sound (John "Sexy" Day and Eddie "French Kiss" Clay),
Giant’s Mark Tabberner, Kazell, Greg Vickers, Desyn Masiello, Leon Roberts (Geezer in da House), Hisham Samawi, Wax’s Juan Nunez, DJ Three (on more than three occasions), Jay Ell, Dennis Rodgers (this kid can mix), David Alvarado, Mazi (man can this guy drop it), Jay Tripwire (LA Hater!), Halo, Chris Lum (he’s our resident now too!), Ellen Ferrato, Daniel Mnookin (how do I pronounce that?), DJ Ali (I love you bro!),
Oliver Twist, Litte Mike (who’s not so little, and can’t party late night), John Tejada, robots (Jimmy Maheras, Andrei Osyka, Justin Sloe, and Adam Hagen), Brian Ffar (is that like Favre), Glycerin (our first live act!), Chris Fortier, Garth, Justin Martin, Sean Miller (thanks for cock blocking me), Justin R, and Luke Fair. That’s a lot of names, but I’m sure there will be many more new faces (and some of the
same) in the next 4 years. And whoever they are, it will always be about quality talent. For you new timers, Basic wasn’t always hosted at the King King. There
were brief stints at Lush in Santa Monica, and The Voodoo Nightclub in LA, but King King is where Basic calls home, thanks to Mario, Karla, Jarrod, Hayley and gang. I guess you can say it’s where we found the atmosphere perfect for our DJs and guests. Maybe it’s because I’m a guy, but there’s something about a friendly and HOT staff serving you the stiffest drinks in LA for the same price that you would get water
at these other house clubs. Add the cool, comfortable and underground vibe that the club inherently adds and VOILA, ATMOSPHERE RISING! Now being that all of the partners are DJs, we couldn’t get by with just a half-ass sound system. We absolutely had to make sure the system was good – hell we have to play on it so we’re not skimping. But that didn’t come easy. It wasn’t until we teamed up with Vanyo and his wonderful team at Force Field Sound that we were able to figure it out. Vanyo’s suggestion of doubling up the sound set-up at Basic was incorporated in 2004 at our 3-Year Anniversary party and let me tell you: it was the best decision that we’ve ever made. Now you can come enjoy some of the best DJs on a system that is so crisp and clear that you don’t have to yell at your bartender for that next $5 dollar red bull and vodka. If it weren’t for the sound system, my voice would be shot from yelling for drinks all night. The combination of these 3 principles, plus friends and (lots of) booze has meant, at the risk of being repetitive, many fun nights. There have been so many memorable nights, performances, and black-outs (but I won't elaborate on those) that I've got a lifetime of memories from just 4 years of doing Basic. I've heard such great music along the way (you know that song that goes untz untz untz), and met and made some of the greatest friends along the way that I feel so fortunate to have been a part of these parties. If the DJs, people and my partners will have me, I'd do it again for another four years!!! Hopefully, I’ve given you an idea of what Basic is all about: basically, it’s been my favorite place to hear my favorite DJs, on a great sound system, comfortably with my friends…for four years running.

Here’s to many more nights hearing the best music in LA with awesome

John "I Just Wanna Dance" Do

The track lists for the mixes and links to download are:

Basic Frequencies mixed by John Do – Aired on Proton Radio October 21,
1. Mark Knightt & MTV – Adrenaline (KUT Remix) – [Traxx Recordings]
2. Elite Force – Mindfunkpsychedelic – [Kingsize Records]
3. Bon Johnson – Slumber Party Massacre – [Inuendo]
4. Wonderland Ave – White Horse – [Kinky Vinyl]
5. Mark Knight – A New Reality feat E-Man – [Toolroom]
6. Kraak and Smaak – Money in the Bag (Sharam Jey Rmx) – CDR
7. Deepgroove – Break of Dawn – [Toolroom]
8. Audio Unit – Club DJ (Acid Dub) – [Ocean Trax]
9. DJ Oliver & Irtaman – Atlantica – Azuli
10. M – Feel (Dub) – [Swing City]
Download: http://www.basicpromotions.com/Music/bf_102105_jd.mp3

Basic Frequencies mixed by Justin Gourley - Aired on Proton Radio
October 21, 2005
1. J Rod & Pat Nice - Peter Pan (Landshark Mix/JG Edit)
2. Jan Driver - Something To Do (JG Edit)
3. Vernon Dacosta - Where's She From
4. Style Of Eye - Hydroponic
5. James Zabiela - Robophobia
6. Patrick Alavi - Seatbelt (JG Edit)
7. Konrad Black & Ghostman - Medusa Smile
8. Claude Vonstroke - Deepthroat (John Tejada Remix)
9. Matthias Shauffhauser - Coincidence (Trentemoller Remix)
10. James Mowbray & D. Ramirez - The Day Hiphop Died
11. Pete Dafeet - Head Trauma
Download: http://www.basicpromotions.com/Music/bf_102105_jg.mp3

Basic Frequencies mixed by John Do – Aired on Proton Radio November 18,
1. Echomen – Truth (Chris Lum Remix) – [Hooj Choons]
2. Jay J & Chris Lum – Funky Stuff – [Transport]
3. Shakedown – At Night [CDR]
4. Cicada – Electric Blue – [Critical Mass]
5. Rave Maize – Fascinated – [Rulin]
6. Cevin Fisher – Lovin You (When It Comes To) – [Subversive]
7. Unknown – Unknown – [White Label]
8. Manijama – Manijama – [Defected]
9. Kylie Minogue – Love At First Sight (Scumfrog Remix) – White
10. Dark Monks – Unknown – [White Label]
Download: http://www.basicpromotions.com/Music/bf_111805_jd.mp3

Basic Frequencies mixed by Justin Gourley - Aired on Proton Radio
November 18, 2005
Download: http://www.basicpromotions.com/Music/bf_111805_jg.mp3

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