Flash's Big 5 of '05!

2005 was hardly a treasure chest of great new music the way the last couple of years have been. To put a positive spin on it, lets say it was a great year to discover reissues. It also made it easy to put together my top 5, because the cream always rises to the top. Here we go...

1. Richie Hatwin DE9 Transitions. Hawtin has done it again. This time joining the ranks of those using Ableton Live technology to complete a relentlessly creative trilogy of albums (see also the masterful Decks Efx & Closer to the Edit editions) that finds the mastermind taking slivers of other tracks and beats, and creating a wholly new tapestry of music. The generous package includes a 96 minute mix on DVD, and a full-length mp3 for your Ipod in addition to the traditional CD. No music has brought me more joy this year.
Richie Hawtin @ I LOVE TECHNO 2005 Part 1
Richie Hawtin @ I LOVE TECHNO 2005 Part 2

2. The White Stripes Get Behind Me Satan. This something of an Exile on Main Street for our beloved Jack and Meg; it doesn't necessarily contain their best or most memorable songs, but taken as a whole, the album is a master-stroke of evolution and creativity. Years from now when we look back and consider the White Stripes canon, this will be one of the first albums that comes to mind.
White Stripes "Instinct Blues"

3. Gorillaz Demon Days. Besides containing my favorite single of the year ("Dare" with Shaun Ryder...fook yeah!), Damon Albarn's pet creation has constructed a damn fine disc of dark party tracks. And their first live performance this year leaves me wondering what lovely things must lay ahead. Gorillaz "Dare"

4. Carmen Rizzo Lost Art of the Idle Moment. This is a really lush, beautful disc from producer-extraordinaire Rizzo. Reminds me a great deal of the Zero 7 albums, & features vocals from Jem, Kate Havnevik & Grant Lee Phillips among others. A perfect selection for putting on some headphones & kicking back with a glass of Cabernet.
Carmen Rizzo "Travel In Time"

5. LCD Soundsystem LCD Soundsystem. Was well worth the excruciating wait. "Bear in mind, we all fall behind from time to time..."
LCD Soundsystem on Annie Nightingale's Show 2005

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