Monica Electronica

"Monica Electronica has a opinionated way of selecting and playing her music, her sets are electric with energy and vibe swinging thru Electronic genres to create a perfect dancefloor atmosphere full of gutsy basslines and underbelly beats!

Monica Electronica aka Emma Baas was born on the 29th of march 1978 in Delft (NL).
At the age of 18 she moved to Rotterdam to live and to study at the school of Arts and graduated as an Art-Director in Advertising in 2000. During her study she bought 2 old recordplayers, borrowed a mixer from a friend and threw parties at home. That’s where her passion for music and dj-ing grew stronger.
After her study she traveled around the world to dance as she was part of ‘Aquarella do Brasil’ , a well known Brazillian ‘Rio de Janeiro- samba style’ showballet. After one year traveling the world for samba’s, she started working for a filmproduction company in Rotterdam. For two years she free-lanced as an assistant producer and assistant director.

From ’02 she became more active as a dj. She started playing every month in Club Stalker in Haarlem (NL) together with Estelle Decibel as a dj duo by the name: ‘De Nachtzusters’."

Find out more about the the strange brew-beats of Monica Electronica here: www.monicaelectronica.web-log.nl

Here's a set she threw down with Tiefshwarz in Antwerp this year, 10/22/05 to be exact.

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