Good Riddance

Okay, so the Eagles made their statement, and TO made his statement. After this week, can we finally start talking about true sportsmen and team players? Can I please turn on Sportscenter and have the lead story be about a team that isn't last in their division? Can we please stop giving coverage to the last person who deserves it?

Isn't it funny how insincere he sounded when he read his "apology" last week, and how today, faced with possibilty of losing his job, he suddenly seemed remorseful? Boo-fuckin-hoo, TO. Maybe Michael Irvin will let you come over to his house to watch the rest of the season on TV. And then you can send in your 2006 employment application to the Raiders, probably the only team stupid enough to take you next year, and where all the controversial players go to die.

As a Giants fan, I can't wish the Eagles too much success with the rest of their season, but I would certainly be happy to watch you get into the playoffs without the player that thinks he's bigger and better than all of you put together.

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