Tiesto's Essential Mix, August 2005

Say what you will about Tiesto, the guy has figured out to make some serious coin by playing records. He's transcended the entire club spectrum that most "superstar" Djs still are still slogging away in to play to ridiculously sized crowds (The Olympics? Disneyland? WTF?) that have more soda drinkers than glowsticks. And while some will argue that trance died years ago, it's consistently clear that nobody got around to telling Tiesto. Records that sound like absolute shite in the hands of amateur come to life once they're in his record bag. It's a bloody wonder he even still does Radio One's Essential Mix, but luckily for us he does.

Here's the first hour.

Here's the second hour.


Anonymous said...

hi! can you reload the tiesto mixes? they're expired.

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